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Aug 25, 2013 6:30pm PDT
to mark the 50th apversary of the civil rights march on washington led by dr. martin luther king junior. president barack obama will speak on the actual anniversary that is wednesday. while we remember how far the nation has come, we are reminded how far we still have to go even if we are in a progressive city like san francisco. kpix5 on the numbers that show inquality still exists. -- inequality still exists. >> reporter: san francisco has knocked but one trend. 60% of san francisco residents are african-american but they account for more than half of the inmates in jail. >> there is no way you can statistically justify that calculation. >> reporter: former schwarzenegger administration spoke on kpix5 sunday morning. >> i think we have to dig deeper to find answers for why we have this type of disparity in a city that is supposed to be so focused on creating equality. >> it is the struggle that continues across the nation. powell on "face the nation" on what martin luther king junior would say today. >> congratulations on all of the progress that has been made, let's keep going. the
Aug 11, 2013 6:30pm PDT
rd place with $22 million if sales. the latest jackson movie and denzel washington action comedy "2 guns" rounded out the top 5. >> ladies, if you spent a good deal of time in heels you know it can be painful but this looks like torture. check it out. 100 women running in a 100 meter race. in 95 degree heat in theu crane. the racer s had to wear heels. the winner won a car. finished the whole thing in 15 seconds. and she won a car! these guys in cleveland did not score a car but helped a good cause. the mens completed with a relay race for the crisis center. trophies given out to the fastest team, the best dressed team and the team that raised the most money for the fundraisers. all right, not bad. pretty much that is all i have to say. chiming the ladder of success. yes. there you go. yes. okay. right? >> yes. i tried that before. [ laughter ] >> the mile, the marathon, all of them. >> yes. duct tape the heels to your feet. yes, works better that way. showers back in the forecast. >> yes. explain that one. >> i got one word, meteor. we have showers back in the forecast. we will not
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2